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The Technology

Centuries of knowledge combined with the latest technology 

The Contour Roller uses collagen induction micro-needling technology to spur the body’s collagen and elastin production into action. 

Working with the skin, not against it

The skin is designed to protect the body. Because of this, it is incredibly effective at preventing substances from passing through it. When you apply creams and other applications to the skin, they will only work if they can penetrate through its top layer. Even if some of it does penetrate, a significant amount is usually blocked and so any effectiveness can be limited. The Contour Roller bypasses this problem...

Penetrating gently into the skin

The Contour Roller works by creating thousands of tiny channels in the skin’s dermal layer. The channels are so small, they heal very quickly, however they do give time for the Roller treatment serums to penetrate deep into the skin. It is this crucial difference that makes the treatment so effective.

In fact, it is 10,000 times more effective than simply applying skin products topically.

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