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The Benefits

Reinvigorating your skin, the natural way  

The Contour Roller is a proven skin rejuvenation treatment. Not only is it great for reducing the signs of aging such as wrinkles and sun damage, it also increases collagen and elastin levels for improved firmness and tightening of the skin. 

Unlike other devices designed for home use, the Contour Roller is for professional, in-salon use only. A professional treatment, for professional results. We have trained hundreds of Contour Roller therapists and you can find one near you by using our online Salon Finder.

  • Tightens, firms and brightens the skin

  • Decreases wrinkles, crow’s feet and lip creases

  • Improves the appearance of skin damage, sun damage and pigmentation problems

  • Can be used for scars, cellulite, stretch marks, pitted skin, open pores and acne scarring

  • Immediate benefits after treatment, improvements then continue! 


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