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Choosing an artist


There are many superb permanent makeup artists in the UK. When performed well and professionally, permanent makeup can enhance appearances and change lives. However, permanent makeup requires a great deal of training, skill and expertise to perform well. For this reason, we highly recommend that you choose your artist very carefully. 

Here are some things we recommend you research when considering any artist:


Insurance and Registration

Your artist must be insured, plus they must have been inspected and registered by their Local Authority. Every premises they work from should have been assessed as being suitable for performing permanent cosmetics treatments. As to see their registration certificate if this is not displayed on the wall of their premises.



What do people who have had a treatment by the artist say about their work? How does it look 3, 6 or even 12 months after the procedure?



Always request to see the artist’s portfolio of work. This should show a range of brow, eye and lip treatments. For each client, you should expect to see a picture of the client before and after the treatment. Ideally, some examples of healed results should also be present. If the artist has trained as a medical tattoo artist, they may also have examples of breast, alopecia work etc.



Ask when the artist trained, with whom, and the duration of their course. Go online to research the academy, if necessary, to get a better feel for the quality of their training. Were their trainers long-standing permanent makeup professionals? How long did their course last? Were case studies and an assessment required to become qualified?


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

What training has your artist had recently? Have they kept up with developments, continued to perfect their skills, or been on new training recently? We believe that there is always more to learn and recommend that artists regularly attend developmental or refresher training.



Is your artist using professional equipment, needles and pigments? For instance, tattoo pigments are not specifically designed for use in permanent makeup. The smaller molecule sizes in tattoo carbon black, for instance, can cause migration of the pigment within months of the treatment – specifically if used around the eyes or on the brows. Your artist should only be using permanent makeup pigments specifically designed for that purpose and approved for use in the EU.



Price in itself is not necessarily an indicator of skill, or lack of. However, excessively low pricing should be something you should view with care. Why is the artist charging so little? Firstly, it could be that the technician is relatively recently trained and is building their business. Secondly, it could be that the technician is failing to get repeat business or new clients, based on the quality of their work. For new technicians, look into their training, their results and speak honestly with them about their skills and experience. For technicians who have been in the business for some time, you must seriously ask yourself why it is that they have not been able to build their business, client waiting list and reputation. At the same time, do not simply look at a technician who is charging high prices and assume that they are a superb artist. We recommend that you still look at their work, testimonials and reputation.



Permanent makeup is an art. You need to choose the right artist for you. We believe that the best client - artist relationship is one built on trust and communication. It is important that the artist understands your needs and expectations, and that you can communicate well together. Permanent makeup is not just about the artist, it is about the artist working with you to get the best possible result.