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Press Releases

March 2014

The emergence of technology-led facials from Nouveau Skin Therapy

The emergence of technology-led facials from Nouveau Skin Therapy

Karen Betts (leading Permanent Cosmetic Artist and BUPA-registered medical tattooist) operates in both the professional beauty sector and more specialist medical aesthetic industry. Karen sometimes sees emerging technologies surface through the medical related work she undertakes.

This is how Karen first came across A-Lift.  Karen introduced A-Lift, a revolutionary new device which uses nano-currents that work at a cellular level – increasing Adenosine Triphospate (ATP) production. This is known to accelerate cell metabolism which in turn stimulates protein synthesis to produce collagen and elastin amongst other things to combat the signs of ageing.  Then Karen introduced Dermatude. Another skin rejuvenation treatment, but one that works from the outside inwards rather than from the inside out – delivering active subjectables (serums) into the skin using digitally-controlled micro-needling.

Karen had an idea. Could these age-reversal treatments be combined to deliver optimum improvements? Trials began in November, 2013. A medical photographer captured in minute detail the changes in people’s appearances. The results were astonishing. You can see for yourself how the subjects’ appearances look more radiant and younger.

Whilst A-Lift lifted and firmed skin and underlying tissue structure, Dermatude improved the appearance of the skin’s texture; further reducing fine lines and wrinkles whilst improving overall appearance and skin health. This supported the hypothesis that by combining treatments, the best improvements could be made.

Karen then switched from her role of Technician to Business Entrepreneur, “Once we knew the combined treatments offered salons the best skin therapy proposition, we set to work on creating the ultimate business package. We are now able to offer the A-Lift and Dermatude starter packages including equipment, products, certified training courses, marketing and business support all for less than £8 per day. So for the price of a nice bottle of wine a day, you can deliver these highly effective treatments. With treatment prices retailing for £60 each and treatments costs less than £10 – margins are excellent. Our website, social media all driving enquiries to salon finder – we even drive new clients to their nearest stockists. What’s not to like?” You’ll soon be swapping the wine for Champagne.

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