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Date: April 2015



As permanent cosmetics become more and more popular as a career choice Karen Betts, MD of the succesful Nouveau Beauty Group of companies and Natwest's 'Woman of the Year', wants to ensure that people are getting the right education.

Karen believes everyone should have a foundation knowledge before advancing to more specialist training and despite 20 years expereince as an artist and trainer she continues to travel the world assessing developing techniques, sharing her own knowledge with others and more importantly listening to her students in order to continiuously develop her training programmes. 

After being a keynote speaker in 8 countries last year Karen has decided to host her very own PRO–TIPS EDUCATION DAYS and all permanent cosmetics artists regardless of where they have trained are welcome.

According to Karen, her first PRO-TIPS topic will provide artists with the most up-to-date colour theory and pigments used by her team of ELITE artists. On the day they will learn how to improve the efficiency of their techniques, achieve greater colour stability with more natural fading, resulting in improved results that last longer for the client and how to increase the profitability of treatments whilst improving customer retention and referrals. “My PRO-TIPS days will take good artists to elite artists” she says.

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