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100% natural - 100% YOU!

Dermatude Meta Therapy produces visible, long lasting, and TRUE, natural results for all skin types, and all ages.

Dermatude is the solution for people who want, or need more than skin care. Perhaps they feel they aren’t ready or don’t want to go for treatments like botulin toxin injections and fillers. Maybe they’ve already gone down that route, and felt they didn’t like the result. They didn’t ‘feel’ like themselves, or it’s changed their appearance too much. Dermatude is about improving and perfecting your skin naturally, not changing the way you look. For example - younger consumers, the desire is to have clear, smooth, glowing skin free of large pores and congestion. That's their goal. Dermatude will provide results naturally - giving them a 'photo-ready’ complexion. For the 40+ person, their day is full of tasks and responsibilities - not a lot of free time - and the need to fight newly forming lines, wrinkles. There's a feeling of "When did I get so tired and....old?" Dermatude provides QUICK, safe, and reliable results. Freshen your complexion, tighten and refine your skin, restore your youthful look. For the 65+ client - today is a different world from yesterday's 65 year old. Why not make the most of yourself and enjoy YOU - every day? Wrinkles - 'character lines', you can tell the world your stories - you don't need to wear them. You still 'have it' - and you feel GREAT! Why not LOOK it too? Dermatude is a treatment that can do ALL THAT!  

Meta Therapy is an advanced dual action treatment. It works by creating thousands of precise microscopic perforations in the surface of the skin, activating the body’s natural repair mechanism. This part of the result is achieved by the production of new collagen which naturally repairs the micro perforations. During treatment, active ingredients are driven into the skin, where the ingredients can be utilized and nourish the live cells. The active ingredients help promote healing and the production of the newly forming collagen, providing the perfect conditions for a visible, and natural result.

Dermatude is performed by a professionally trained therapist and produces striking, visible results without the risks associated with many other more invasive procedures. With Dermatude, you are choosing the most natural way to restore the firm tone and texture of the skin – safely, while naturally plumping out fine lines and wrinkles.

So whatever skin type, and at whatever age, Dermatude keeps your skin healthy and fresh looking - all the time!

Say goodbye to

  • Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Open pores
  • Congestion
  • Pigmentation
  • Sun damage

Dermatude is your natural alternative!



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